Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Holy Grail - the "perfect" red lipstick..

One of the most obvious signatures of my style is my obsession with the colour red. I have bright red hair and it is my favourite colour - so much so, that I hardly wear any other colours. My wardrobe is red, black and grey, for the most part.
It should be no surprise, then, to learn that I consider a red lip the staple of my everyday makeup look. I might occasionally fall for a lovely bronze or neutral, but you'll never find me with pink on my lips. For me, it must be red - whether it's a tomato, fire truck, or berry tone depends on my outfit and the season but red is a staple.

Over the years, I have tried out many, many, MANY red lipsticks. I have endured the ones that look red in the tube but turn out orange or pink on the lips. I have seen the ones that look good when first put on, but bleed messily into the lipline, smear and smudge or simply fade away quickly. 

I have searched high and low for a good blue-based-red. Not too pink or orange, a true red that goes on matte, and lasts through a long day.

I am happy to report that my favourite, that's outperformed many expensive brands is a real cheapie. It's from the brand Coral Colours, and it's in many chemists. The colour is called (unimaginatively but accurately) "Scarlet" It retails for well under $10. For my skin tone, it's perfect. 

It's well worth remembering that "budget" brands are worth a look! 

Omega's Manifesto

Hello there! I'm Omega. 

Almost every time I go out, people comment on my clothes and/or makeup. I am one of the people in the room who draws the eye. Not just because of the bright red hair, and not because I am dressed inappropriately, but because I am a little left of centre in a way that seems to be appealing. 

People have often asked me "What's your secret?" I don't spend a lot of money on clothes and I don't pay a lot of attention to what's "Trendy" right now, but I do have a "signature look".  Some of it is my continuing love affair with the colour red in all of it's hues.. but I think more than that, it's my willingness to shamelessly plunder fashion history *AND* current trends to create a timeless style all of my own. I'm also willing to cheekily pinch motifs from the worlds of subculture and haute couture, along with plenty of other places, to forge an extraordinary everyday wardrobe. 

I believe this is something anyone can learn to do - and I think it's something I might be able to teach people to do. To that aim - I've started this blog to share some of my thoughts and tips about fashion and beauty. 

If you are looking for a blog that will teach you how to look as much like Paris Hilton (or any other celebrity) as possible, then you might be in the wrong place.  If you're interested in feeling great about yourself and wearing things that make your heart sing, about defining and refining your own style, about using cosmetics for fun and effect, then you might be in the right place. 

I'm going to be collecting things that I find beautiful, and talking about why they appeal. I'm going to be reviewing things, so you know what might suit you. I'm going to be sharing my tips and tricks. 

I go to festivals and events and DJ gigs where I get to dress up really wild.. so I'll be sharing some of my more outrageous stuff with you as well. 

I have a few opinions, in fact, I have a bit of a manifesto... so here's what I think 
"Fashion Adjacent" means.

Instead of "Fashion Forward" - where being "trendy" or "on trend" or "ahead of the next trend" is most important - be "Fashion Adjacent". You're aware of current trends, but you know that this season's trends are an optional dress up party, to be indulged in or ignored as your personal style dictates. 

If you are "Fashion Adjacent", you:

  • Forget "trendy" and wear things you love whether they are "fashionable" or not.
  • Forget size tags and wear clothes that fit you beautifully.
  • Forget Lables and find gems everywhere, from op shops to designer stores.
  • Forget "flattering" and wear things that make your heart sing.
  • Recognise and celebrate your body and realise that your body is perfect, just as it is. Have fun dressing it up and painting it!
  • Whatever you wear - you Make it YOURS.

There's plenty more where that came from. What's your fashion Manifesto? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.