Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adding Vintage Glamour Part 2: Try a Cats Eye

A really quick and easy way to add a little vintage glamour is to wear some eyeliner in a cats-eye shape.

No matter what the occasion, and no matter what the rest of your makeup is, whether subtle neutrals or something very colourful, a cats-eye eyeliner will give it a little hint of vintage glamour.

Wait. Quick and Easy? Yes, that wasn't a typo, this really is a very quick and simple thing to do.

I thought showing was easier and better than telling so here's my (very first!) youtube tutorial video on how to do it.

I've demonstrated both how to do it with a pencil, (for a smoky, casual look):

And with a liquid eyeliner for more dramatic results:

As I have said in the videos - this is not about expensive products, it's all about technique. The key with the cats-eye is getting the angle of the "wing" or "flick" exactly right..my method is foolproof!

So.. why not add some glam to your next outing with a cats-eye? Let me know how you go with it!

These are my FIRST EVER video tutorials. I can already see that I need to invest in some better lighting, which I will be doing just as soon as I can. Did you find them useful? Would you like to see more of these? Any requests? I'd love to hear what you think.

This post is part 2 of my five-part series about "Ways to inject vintage glamour into your everyday wardrobe.. without looking like you're headed to a costume party." 

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  1. Any favourite brands of liquid liner? Loved the post!

  2. Hi there, thanks!

    There are some really nice liquid liners out there.. but once you master the technique you can get a good result with any liner, really, even a cheapie one.

    The main difference I find is that the nicer brands last longer, and don't get all gluggy quickly. The cheaper ones you need to be willing to throw away as soon as they stop going on smoothly :)

    I will do a round-up of some of my favourite liquid eyeliners and post it soon, just for you :)

  3. Thank you, You made it a lot simpler for me. I have failed until now, but am thinking I may just have the tips I needed to give it another go!