Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adding Vintage Glamour Part 4: Do the Updo

Grab some bobby pins, some clips, or a hairtie or two and get your hair off your neck. There's thousands of ways to do it, from super casual, to super formal, and everywhere in between. Regardless of how you do it, sweeping your hair into an updo is another easy way to add some vintage glamour to your look.

To avoid anything that looks too "Mumsy" keep it fun, a little bit messy and avoid exact symmetry in your stylings. Most importantly, have fun with it! 

This is Part 4 in a five part series about easy ways to inject some vintage glamour into your look, without looking like you're on your way to a costume party

Part Two is "Try a Cat's Eye"
Part Three is "The Scarlet Pout"


  1. How much hair does one need for a successful Updo? Mine comes to just below my ears

  2. Hi there.. You certainly can still do an updo with short hair.. if you have a couple of inches to play with you can still twist and pin it lots of fun ways.

    I'll do a post soon with some specific ideas for short hair.. in the meantime I suggest you get some bobby pins and have a play! :)