Friday, October 28, 2011

Adding Vintage Glamour Part 5: Accessorise!

"The Devil is in the Details", they say, and it's true that with a few simple additions to your outfit, you can add some vintage glamour to any outfit.

Whatever your style, whether you prefer elegant Victorian  or art deco reproductions or chunky, modern, quirky pieces, the addition of a brooch, necklace, ring or bracelet can make an outfit sing. Accessories can add an important point of interest, and make even the plainest outfit something special. Don't be afraid to mix it up - a string of pearls with jeans & a t-shirt, something blingy with a summer dress, see what works and experiment!

I love costume jewellery, because it means I can afford a wide variety of pieces. I wear a lot of necklaces and (surprise surprise) they are nearly always red! 
The Devil in the Details - Accessorise
Have a dig in your jewellery draw, or hit some of the costume jewellery shops and the op shops. Buy what speaks to you and give it a try!

This is part 5 in a five part series about how to inject vintage glamour into your everyday outfits without looking like you're going to a costume party. 

In the picture above:
Wet Seal facets jewelry
$13 -

Forever21 flower jewelry
$8.80 -

Pin brooch
$25 -

Wooden jewelry
£22 -

Dorothy Perkins vintage style jewelry
£7.50 -

Vintage jewelry

Brass necklace

Rose jewelry

Crystal jewelry
$27 -

Vintage style jewelry
$2,280 -

ASOS stone ring
$26 -

Stone jewelry
$15 -

FOSSIL crystal jewelry

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