Monday, October 10, 2011

Bobbi Brown's "Bobbi's Beauty Rules" palette

I find it hard to resist a compact/palette. I love being able to carry a whole face full of makeup in a cute little package.. and the packaging itself is often very hard to resist.

One I was lucky enough to get my hands on that I use quite often when I am out to dinner or out on the town is Bobbi Brown's "Bobbi's Beauty Rules" palette. 

While the packaging on this one is not really what you'd call gorgeous, it is kind of cute, and what's inside is really nice. 


Here's what's in the palette:

  • Ivory Eye Shadow
  • A very light white shadow, rather translucent. Good for highlighting. 

  • Lightning Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Silver eyeshadow with some very fine microglitter in it. This really catches the light, and will dust your cheeks with glitter throughout the evening as you wear it.
  • Orchid Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Lavender eyeshadow with the same microglitter in it. 

  • Eclipse Eye Shadow
  • A smoky, translucent black. I've experimented with putting this on before the sparkle shadows, and it creates some good tonal shadows on the eyelid when used like this. 

  • Baby Pink Pot Rouge
  • As the name suggests, a light pastel pink. A little goes a long way, for a "pinched-cheeks" look.  Best placed high on the "apples" of the cheeks. 

  • Homecoming Pink Pot Rouge
  • A darker rouge with a plum tone to it. As above, you only want a little touch of this or you might risk a clown-like appearance. 

  • Air Kiss Lip Gloss
  • A really "Naked lip" looking neutral gloss. If you want a minimum of colour on your lips but lots of shine this one is for you.

  • Rum Lip Gloss
  • A lovely dark rum-coloured gloss. The colour is translucent but it does darken the lips nicely.

  • Crystal Gold Glitter Lip Balm
  • Much thicker consistency than the glosses above, this is a very translucent gold shimmer.

  • Jet Creamy Eye Pencil
  • A great soft eye-liner pencil, good for a smoky look. 

    My favourites are the Sparkle Eye Shadows, the Rum Lip Gloss, the Crystal Gold Glitter Lip Balm and the eye-liner pencil. 

    In summary:
    The good: Quite a few nice products in this, especially the sparkle eye shadows.
    The bad: The outside of the pallette isn't pretty. Also the "School" theme makes some older women feel like they can't wear these, which is a shame, because they're nice!
    Would I buy this again: This was gifted to me by a friend, and I probably won't replace it when it runs out - something new and pretty will catch my eye!
    Rating: Ω Ω Ω  A quite nice product for occasional use - 3/5 Omegas

    Disclosure: I didn't buy this palette, it was a gift from a friend. 

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