Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bourjois "Coup de Theatre" Mascara

Mascara seems to be one of those products that gets sold by a never-ending stream of increasingly dubious sounding "innovations". We've seen vibrating brushes, every brush shape imaginable, "revolutionary new formulas", and all manner of new and strange developments. 

Two coats, two brushes
I have an image of a massive army of white-coated scientists working away like army ants looking for the "next big thing" in mascara. Perhaps that's how they came up with the idea for this one - those white coats! Bourjois "Coup de Theatre" Mascara is a two-step mascara that starts with, you guessed it, a white coat.  Then there's the usual black coat. There's two different brushes for the different colours. 

I think part of what makes this work is simply the amount you put on. You have to apply a fair bit of the white coat to even see it on your lashes, and then you need to apply a good slathering of the black coat to cover up the white stuff you just put on your lashes! 

This means by the time you're done you have a good thick coating on your eyelashes, so of course they look thicker and darker and really stand out.

I've been asked more than once whether or not I am wearing false eyelashes when using this product. 

I don't have the time or the inclination to fuss about with this every day, but if I am going out to dinner or really want a more dramatic look, I will use it. 

In summary: 
The good: Does give a "false eyelash" look that's quite dramatic
The bad: fussy, and the "innovation" is a little dubious.
Would I buy again: With new mascara coming out all the time, this probably won't even be available when I am in the market again, so probably not. (Actually it looks like it's already been superceeded by a new "two in one" formulation)
Rating: Ω Ω Ω   Very usable, but nothing to write home about - 3/5 Omegas

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