Friday, October 28, 2011

Dita Von Teese Launches Muse in Melbourne

I have already blogged a little bit about the upcoming release of Dita Von Teese's clothing line "Muse". 

This morning I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of fashion icon Dita Von Teese as she launched her new clothing line "Muse", at David Jones' Melbourne CBD store.

We now have a little more information about the range, and we got to look at the clothes themselves! I was especially pleased to see they'd chosen a plus-size model to show off a spectacular black velvet gown.

The range is going to be available in early February, and it's going to cost between $600 and $900 a piece - start saving those pennies now if you want to nab one of these!

The dresses themselves are very beautiful, and the trench coat is also gorgeous.  Here's some video I shot of the models:

Dita herself was modelling one of the dresses, it has a custom made print on silk that Dita designed herself.. the pattern is of roses with her graceful hands sporting a red manicure (of course) and a "Dita" signature.

She recently tweeted a picture of her adorable cat Alister cuddling up to the silk.. obviously even her pets have excellent taste!

Dita Von Teese's photo Aleister is also rather fond of the silk prints we created for my #Muse dress line!
Dita Von Teese on WhoSay

I really loved that she was wearing a gorgeous pair of red shoes, with silk stockings that had red seams and cuban heels..  as always her styling was timeless and gorgeous. I am no photographer (obviously!) but I did my best to snap a pic of them amongst the jostling crowd!

Of course I wasn't the only one who wanted to see Dita, there were some other lovely bloggers and some burlesque girls there as well!

The gorgeous ladies of Hi Ball Burlesque:

And the charming and lovely Esme from "Esme and the Laneway" fame:

I got to shake Dita's hand and she said "I love your hair!". It was all I could do to blurt out "What an honour to meet you!!" It was a very exciting morning indeed. I can hardly wait till February! I heard an exciting rumour that Dita is going to be adding lingerie to her line as well, very soon. Stay tuned for more updates...

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