Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Most Australians don't really celebrate Halloween. It's considered "An American Holiday" over here and not something most people go for.. but each year it seems to get a little bit bigger. My partner's partly American so he grew up with Halloween, so we celebrate it!

As a goth I have been accused more than once of dressing as though EVERY day is Halloween.. and I love dressing up, so it hasn't taken too much convincing to get me right into the swing of things.

I often do DJ and MC gigs for events with weird and wonderful themes, so I do crazy "costume" makeups all the time.

I thought with Halloween right around the corner, some tutorials on these looks might be useful, but I'm not sure where to begin!

Here's just some of my wild costume makeup looks:

So.. which one(s) would you like me to do a tutorial on?

  • Snow Leopard?
  • Red leopard eyes?
  • Elvira?
  • Zombie Hunter?
  • Zombie?
  • Steampunk Automaton?
  • Pirate?
  • Something else??
It's up to you... tell me what you want!

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