Monday, October 10, 2011

Joe Button: Bespoke Shirts

I was having a bit of a complain with some friends the other day, about how hard it is to find a straight-up corporate shirt that's tailored to a plus size woman.

Some of my friends are at uni and working hospitality jobs on the side, and they're told to wear the "standard uniform" of black dress pants and a white shirt that buttons all the way up to the neck.. sometimes with a tie as well.

Sounds like this would be nice and simple but if you're not petite it can be a real challenge. You usually wind up in an ill-fitting men's shirt that's really unflattering.. not nice!

I stumbled across this today.. a bespoke shirt company, "Joe Button". They do shirts and shirtdresses in custom sizes. Their size chart only goes up to an XXL (16) but the very helpful person answering their online chat said they will do any size if you email them.. they send you back instructions on how they'd like the measurements taken and then they'll make you a perfectly tailored shirt.

The "Holly Golightly" shirtdress
The colour choices are very conservative, I would love to see them offering some bolder options in future, but if you are looking for this sort of thing, this might be just the ticket.

The shirt dress I'd be most likely to buy if I had my choice here would be the  "Holly Golightly" - of course any fashion history fiend knows this is the character from Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's", made famous by none other than Audrey Hepburn. Style Icons don't get much more legendary than that!  

I haven't had the chance to try them out myself, if anyone does, report back and let us all know how it goes!

What other custom-size options have you found? Share the goodness in the comments!

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