Monday, October 3, 2011

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer

I have long been aware of the benefits of primer. It makes your makeup go on smoother, makes everything last longer, makes pigments more vivid - there seems to be a myriad of benefits!

I resisted adding primer to my daily routine though, because I just didn't want one more thing to wear that would take time to apply.

I do have a problem with red skin though. I am very pale, and my Irish ancestors have given me skin that is prone to redness. I flush and blush very easily and I can look quite florid and rosy if it's a warm day or I've been exercising. I'd prefer to maintain a porcelain complexion as much as possible, so anything that helps with this is bound to catch my eye!

So it was, that when I saw this new product, that combines a primer with an anti-redness effect I found it impossible to resist. I told myself it would be great when I was going out or was taking extra time with my makeup.

It's part of L'Oreal's new "Studio Secrets" range and it's called "Anti-Redness primer"

After I tried it though and saw the difference it made, I have somehow found time to add it to my daily routine, and it's now part of my everyday look!

It goes on really smoothly and feels very light on the skin. The green tone really does cancel out redness in the skin, and it makes everything you put on after look better. Well worth the couple of extra seconds it takes to apply!

L'Oreal seems to be a staple of my beauty bag at the moment, it just seems to really suit my skin type and colouring, and I find it really good value. 

In summary: 

The good: Cuts redness, feels light, makes other makeup last longer & look better.

The bad: A few seconds is still a few seconds, and it has increased the length of my daily look application. Also the pump-pack, while convenient, always makes you feel like you're wasting the last little bit of a bottle unless you crack it open when it's nearly empty, which usually makes a mess. 

Would I buy this again: Yes, definitely. 

Rating: Ω Ω Ω Ω  Very Good - 4/5 Omegas

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