Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luscious Soaps from LUSH .. Demon or Angel?!

I've been a fan of LUSH products for a long time so I was delighted when a sample of one of their soaps arrived in the "Lust Have It" sample box I recently received
You see, I go into the LUSH store on a fairly regular basis, and I look at all their products.. they smell divine and the staff are always so friendly. I sniff and enjoy all the lovely samples.. I love that they're made here in Australia, and they are full of organic ingredients, and I love that they're just damn good!

So I try out a lot of things and I sniff a lot of soaps and then I walk out with the same damn thing every time. 
The incredible smelling fantastic soap "Demon in the Dark". The Lush experts say they make it with apple juice, mint, clove bud oil and peppermint. I just love it. What's even better is, it's not too "girly" smelling for the menfolk of my household, so I can enjoy the scent of it on my partner as well! It would take a lot to tempt me away from this soap. 

But there, wrapped in paper and gently nestled in the tissue of the "Lust Have It" box is the delightfully sweet smelling "Honey I washed the Kids". With heavenly honey as it's core scent, and lashings of sweet orange, bergamot, aloe vera and gardenia, if any soap could challenge the devilishly good "Demon in the Dark" surely it's this one? 

It looks like creme brulee and smells like honeycomb. Spicy, floral honeycomb. I really love Violet Crumble, so this is very appealing to me. Maybe I could be tempted over to this angelic contender? 

I lathered it up and gave it a try. It is lovely.. the honey smell permeates and  and it feels very smooth on the skin, with a lovely rich lather. It leaves you smelling sweet and wholesome.. 

Sweet and wholesome. Who am I kidding?! 

No, I am going to need to stick to my "Demon in the Dark". Far more my style. 

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