Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lust Have it October Box

I recently subscribed to a couple of the "sample box" services that have cropped up, and yesterday my first sample box arrived! This one is from "Lust Have It!" 

I must say it was rather exciting. There's nothing quite like getting a present in the post!

The packaging is great, a cute little box, with nice tissue paper inside, sealed with a sticker.. the samples are all nestled in shredded tissue paper and everything arrived in pristine condition. I can see the box being useful too, it's really sturdy, so perhaps it will find its way into my storage collection!

Now to answer the real question.. what's in it?!

Well, this month there was:

A nice collection of products, and I am really looking forward to trying them all out - of course I will post my reviews here for you!

Which one do you think I should try first?


  1. I am subscribed to Lust Have It too:) This is my favourite box so far, and I drank that Taut drink even though it has shark cartilage in it;P It tasted like sherbetty medicine, not the worst at all. How cute is the LimeLily blush! Excited to try it

  2. I haven't yet worked up the courage to try the drink! But I will.. our readers depend on us, right? :)

    I am also excited by the blush, I think I will try that first..