Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Morning After.. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap & Clinique "Dramatically Different" Moisturising Lotion to the Rescue!

I have to tell you - these pictures are not easy to post. They're pretty scary. In fact, I'd say, they're rather ugly. But perhaps my tale will help you avoid the same terrible fate, in which case a little embarrassment on my part is a small price to pay, right?

This, dear reader, is what happens when you go out to a nightclub, and dance, and drink, and have fun, and stumble home at three o'clock in the morning.. and your amorous boyfriend says he'd really love you to leave all the crazy makeup on.. so you just pull off your false eyelashes and go to bed.

The next morning.. you are faced with this HORRIFIC VISAGE in the mirror.. 

Lipstick smeared everywhere, eyeshadow akimbo, foundation half worn off.. red, blotchy, nothing but a (not so hot) hot mess really!

So, of course, this is the perfect opportunity to dig into my sample box and see what cleansers I have in there to be put to the ultimate test!

Facing this challenge is Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap in extra-mild, (or as the fancy french adorned packaging says "Savon Visage liquide tres doux" - sounds very nice, doesn't it!). This is for "very dry to dry skin" according to the package. 

I smeared a liberal dollop on and.. wow, it's really nice. Because it's called soap I was expecting suds.. I wasn't sure whether to add water and try to lather it, but I ended up just splashing a little water on my face and then using the soap. There wasn't really any lather to speak of, but it look almost everything off totally effortlessly. No scrubbing required at all! The only thing it didn't instantly remove was my eyelash glue.. which is fair enough, because that stuff is TOUGH!. I went from messy face to clean face almost instantly. A quick rinse, and the whole night's mess was nothing but a memory!
It left my skin feeling a bit tight the way soap can.. nothing like the sensation that a regular soap brings though, more like the feeling after you apply toner. 

Because I had another sample of it, I decided to follow up with Clinique's "Dramatically Different" moisurising lotion (or, if you prefer the french, emulsion hydrante tellement differente).  Now I have to admit I am the kind of person who rolls their eyes at slick marketing names. I work in marketing, so I feel like I know all the tricks, and when something claims to be "dramatically different" as the product name, I am already sceptical.  I mean - it's moisturiser. How "dramatically different" can it really be?!

Hyperbole aside.. this is actually a pretty amazing moisturiser. when it comes out of the bottle on to the back of your hand, it feels rich, creamy, heavy.. I expected it to feel the same on my skin and almost didn't put it on - but once you apply it, it's really lightweight. It was absorbed by my skin straight away and felt totally light, I couldn't really feel the product at all - it just made my skin feel softer and less dry. I was surprised and I felt bad for being so cynical! 

I'd definitely consider buying full sizes of both of these. They really got the job done and my skin feels lovely - ready for the next make-up adventure! 

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  1. Ohh I did this the other night, was not pretty the following morning>< Nice post:) xx