Sunday, October 23, 2011

Red & Black Bridesmaid Ideas (or how to spend nearly 20 grand on a party frock.)

No, I'm not getting married. I don't really believe in marriage, to be honest. But the awesome Danimezza has a competition up on her blog to make a set with polyvore on the theme of "bridesmaids", and I do so love playing with polyvore!

So I decided that price was NO object, and put together some pretty things. Of course the theme has to be red and black!

I think this dress is just stunning, and if they made it in my size, and I could afford it, I would HIT that thing (like the fist of an angry god).

I have to admit I find it difficult to imagine being able to, let alone wanting, to spend six thousand dollars on a dress. I mean.. seriously?!!

Examining this set, I think this would also be suitable for a swank party.. which I guess is how I think bridemaids ought to be dressed - none of this "hideous gown you can never wear again" nonsense.

What do you think of my choices? Love them? Hate them? Red Wedding - Bridesmaids Ideas
What's in the set: (are you ready to gasp at some of these prices? Go on, gasp..)
Roberto cavalli dress
€4.340 -

Alexander McQueen platform wedge heels
$930 -

Christopher Kane brown clutch
$1,020 -

Bow ring
$6.99 -

Vintage necklace

Repossi gold diamond ring
$9,680 -

Falke High Heel Tights
$36 -


  1. I love it and I also wanted to thank you for the red lippy tip. I bought them both and I love them. Do you have any tips for a liquid eyeliner? :)

  2. Hello there.. thanks for your comment! As it happens I do have some tips for eyeliner, and I recently recorded two tutorials about eyeliner that I'll be posting this week..

    I find the trick with liquid eyeliner is to give it just a few moments to dry before scrunching your eyes up! I normally do my eyeliner and then apply another layer of mascara while I am waiting for it to dry. :)