Saturday, October 29, 2011

Resistance is Futile: Reviewing Kerastase Haircare

So, as you know, I was delighted to recently receive the "Lust Have It" sample box, and I promised faithfully that I would review the products within..

In the Oct box was a whole suite of sachets of Kerastase products from their "Resistance Range". 

  • Bain De Force Shampoo
  • Ciment Thermique Reconstructor Milk.
  • Climent Anti-Usure Treatment

Did you know that on electrical diagrams the symbol for resistance is an Omega? This might be the brand for me!!

To be honest, whenever I hear the word "resistance" I am such a geek all I can think of are "The Borg" from Star Trek. Specifically, the Borg Queen. She is so sexy. But she doesn't have hair, so I am not sure she uses shampoo. 

Right. Where were we? Oh yes. Reviewing. 

According to the manufacturer, this range is designed to strengthen weakened, damaged or fine hair. I bleach and colour my hair a lot (I know you'll be shocked to learn that my fire-engine-red isn't natural, but there you have it..) so this sounds like it will suit me nicely.

 At between $30 & $40 a piece this a lot more expensive than the shampoo, conditioner and treatments I usually use, so I was keen to give it a go!  

I started with the shampoo, naturally. Normally I'd wash my hair twice but there was only enough in the sachet for one wash. It smelled.. ordinary! I quipped to my partner, "Hmm, this smells like cheap hotel shampoo.. oh, wait! Maybe that's WHY cheap hotel shampoo smells like this.. maybe they perfume it so it smells like expensive shampoo!!" I don't know if that's true or not but I was surprised that this doesn't smell delicious like many of the cheaper shampoos I use.

I was also expecting a really rich lather.. but I didn't get one. It didn't feel sudsy at all, and I really wondered whether or not it was doing a good job cleaning my hair. On the upside I noticed it didn't seem to be stripping any colour out of my hair, either, but this also made me wonder if it was too mild to clean my hair properly.. 

I persisted, gave my hair a good wash and then put the conditioner on. It too, smelled pretty ordinary. And it felt pretty much like any other conditioner. 


As I rinsed it off.. my hair felt silky smooth. Dead straight in the water, no tangles. No roughness at all.

And when my hair dried? WOW. Silky, bouncy, positively glowing with shine and gloss and health. Manageable and easy to style.. my hair looks AMAZING.  This is my hair with no other products in it at all, no blowdry, nothing. I'm not sure the picture really captures it but it's just full of body and bounce, but no frizz or flyaways. 

So while it wasn't very impressive while I was using it, the results certainly are. This is a quiet achiever you should check out!

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