Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Lancôme Genifique youth activator

This was another one of the goodies in my "Lust Have It" sample box.

It's "Genifique Youth Activator" by legendary brand Lancôme.

This product certainly doesn't hesitate to make big claims. The marketing material says it will "reactivate your genes and stimulate the production of youth proteins." it goes on to tell me this will result in skin that is "breathtakingly radiant, as if lit from within".

Wow. All right. Also, all this magic will take just one week.

Youth activator eh? If you notice me rolling my eyes, saying "wot - ev - aah" a lot and refusing to do chores you'll know it's working.. Wait! That's already happening!! This is a powerful serum indeed!

So. My seven days of "Youth Activaton?"

Day one: it's a clear serum that smells like.. Nothing at all, really.

On the face it is light, sinks in straight away and feels a bit tingly after a while. It definitely feels like it is "DOING SOMETHING". Even the finger I used to apply the product stays tingly for a long time. It's not exactly a pleasant sensation, but nothing too unpleasant either.

It seems as though a little goes a long way with this product.. With a RRP of  $115 for 30mls that's a very good thing!

Days 2 through 7: I found the tingling a bit distracting at night so started applying it in the morning. It's definitely making my makeup application smoother and my skin feels good.

The final verdict? Well, I don't think I have taken any breaths away with my radiance.. (not any more than usual, anyway), and I wouldn't say my face looks "as though lit from within" (which is a relief, that sounds a bit scary actually).. My skin does feel tighter, more firm and plump and I do have a bit of a glow.

Hyperbolic marketing claims aside,can see that a week of using this has made a difference to my skin, and I can only imagine that a longer course would continue to do so.

If you feel like a splurge and you like products that "wake you up" then this one might be for you!

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