Saturday, October 8, 2011

Revlon New Complexion Compact in shade 01 - Ivory Beige

One of these has sat in the bottom of my handbag for a long, long time now. If I am going out after work or need a touch-up, it's always there. I find it gives a great finish and is really quick and easy to apply. It's Revlon New Complexion Compact in Shade 01 - Ivory. 

The danger with these sorts of creme-to-powder finish foundations is that they will be too cakey, and settle into every fine line on your face. This one has just the right texture to avoid that, on my skin at least! 

It's presence in the bottom of my bag has saved me more times than I can count.. I can go to my evening's outing with a fresh look, which suits me nicely! That's why this is usually a part of my look when headed out to dinner.

The design of the compact is good too, it can take some rough treatment, and the ventilation holes in the bottom ensure the application sponge doesn't get nasty. 

In summary:
The Good: A great high-coverage foundation that's not cakey and is easy to apply
The Bad: I prefer this for evening, it's a little too high coverage for daytime for me. 
Would I buy it again: I've bought this several times. 
Rating: Ω Ω Ω Ω  Ω Can't Fault it, Excellent - 5/5 Omegas

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