Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seeing Double: Fashion Doppelgangers

Here's hoping this will be a regular feature here at Fashion Adjacent, because finds like this make me VERY HAPPY INDEED!
Alannah Hill Dress in David Jones' Window

Let me tell you the story...

So I was wandering down Bourke St Mall today, and I see this Alannah Hill dress in the window..

Now, I wouldn't normally look twice at this, to be honest. Pink and floral is so not my thing.. but this really caught my eye, because it seemed strangely familiar..

The Garden Soiree Dress from City Chic
I headed up the road to City Chic, one of my usual haunts and lo and behold, my memory has not failed me. There's a dress made from the very same print in store right now.

Alannah Hill's collections always make me sigh a little. The styling is gorgeous, and the style is often right up my alley.. but even if I could afford their clothes, they don't make them in my size, and even if they did make them in my size.. they've been involved in some rather questionable practices in the past that would probably make me feel guilty if I did shop there..

.. but every season they bring out some pieces that I just love the look of.. so I sigh.

Apparently the Alannah Hill dress is so new, it's not even available on their website yet! But they usually run at around the $300-$400 mark from the looks of their other offerings. With the City Chic version selling for $139 it seems like quite the bargain!

A much nicer styled pic of the City Chic Garden Soiree Dress

How pleasant it is when you can emulate the look of a designer without the designer price tag, in your size!

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