Sunday, November 20, 2011

The biggest, wierdest Hairdo you will see this year.. I hope.

 Have a look at this nice lady. Her name is Thelma Madine. Apparently she is the go-to woman if you happen to be a Traveler (aka a Gypsy) and you want a huge, crazy, stop-em-in-the-aisles wedding dress. This is a woman for whom ostentation is a core design principle.

Apparently she has risen to prominence due to a reality show called "My big fat gypsy wedding".

Frankly, I think the fame might have gone to her head, a bit. look what she made.

Okay so the colours and the size of that skirt are a bit over the top but here's the kicker... That's human hair. Yes, the whole dress is made from human hair.

Now in the victorian era and before, hair was a perfectly acceptable thing to make jewellery and other things out of.. and monks have worn hair shirts for years, so this isn't exactly an original idea.. but I suspect THIS dress may well be one of a kind.

 Apparently the dress took hours for her and her team of eight assistants to make and it's worth $50,000. Thelma thinks this dress would be perfect for Lady Gaga. I think if you come up with a dress design, and the only person you can think of who'd wear it is Lady Gaga.. you might have gone somewhat awry.

More details on this monstrosity of a dress can be found here:

PS. This is all the lovely Hair Romance's fault. she tweeted this, and I haven't been able to stop looking at it since. Now it can haunt YOUR dreams as well! You're welcome. :)

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  1. It's so awful I can't stop looking at it either! I loved My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - another car crash of a show you can't stop watching!