Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Eyeshadow & Lipstick - Haul and Reviews

The blogosphere was buzzing about the new Hello Kitty range that has just come out, so I had to see what all the hype was about! I found myself pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products. To be honest I thought they would be a bit gimmicky but they are actually really good!

What I ended up buying:
  • Eyeshadow duo in "Gun Flower" (yes, I picked this because of the quirky name. )
  • Eyeshadow duo in "Grand Canyon"
  • Lipstick in 08-02 (why, when the eyeshadows have such fun names does the lipstick just have a number?!)
  • I got for free: A Hello Kitty plushie - which I promptly gifted to my 14 year old daughter, thus winning the title of "ZOMG BEST MUM EVER" for approximately 3.8 minutes. 

So, what were they like on?  

"Gun Flower" (which I still think is an awesome name) has a light shimmery pink and a gunmetal grey.. perhaps that's what the name means - pink like a flower, grey like a gun?

Both the colours are highly pigmented and blend nicely. I kept things simple and put the pink under my brow down to the eye crease, then used the grey for contouring in the crease and on the lower lid. 

A great, no fuss wearable combo, great for work or going out during the day.

"Grand Canyon" is a little more exciting. It has a great antique gold colour which is really shiny and metallic, and a dark chocolate brown - the brown comes up almost black on my skin, I was hoping for more of a warm tone to complement the gold, but they do come together quite nicely. After wearing it for a while I decided the darker brown actually made the combination a bit more "edgy" and I found I quite liked it!

For this one I put the gold all over my eye, and then used the brown as a "V" at the edge of my eye. 

I would wear this in the evening or when going out.. it is a bit "disco" for work, I think. 

Lastly I picked the closest thing to a red lipstick this collection has, the unimaginatively named "08-02". The case is cute with a little diamante-encrusted hello kitty on the side of the lid. The colour failed to inspire, turning out a lot more pink than red on the lips. The sticker on the packaging indicating the colour is a nice dark brownish-red, and the lipstick itself looks like a dark red, but once I got it on it looked very pink on me. 

This too I passed on to my daughter, who is a lot less anti-pink than me.. once again earning myself the title of "BEST MUM EVAAA" for another 2.9 minutes or so. Every bit counts, right? 

Overall I was impressed with this collection, it is very reasonably priced, and I can see it making a really nice Xmas present for a young girl. If you have a teenager on your Xmas list maybe you should consider this! 

How do you feel about "novelty brand" makeup? Do you expect the quality to go down as the gimmick factor goes up? 

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