Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love this box sample box review - November

I got another sample box yesterday. It's the "I love this box" sampler. The first thing I noticed is, it's heavy!! This boded well.

So.. What's in it?

  • Caudalie Paris facial care samples, a moisturiser, anti wrinkle serum and an anti wrinkle ultra nourishing cream. Apparently the full size products are $80 a pop.
  • Certified by Nature, Nvey ECO's taupe eyeshadow. Looks like a good neutral colour. Yay for makeup in the box!
  • Keratinology by Sunsilk Salon Perfection Hair collection. Big botlltles of shampoo and conditioner.. This is where the weight was coming from! Not very exciting but definitely a product we all use so that's good :)
  •  POD liquid tan - gradual tanning face serum. Looks like a full size sample. I don't tan. If they sold fake pallor in the stores I would buy that by the truckload and overuse it until people snickered behind my back at my ultraviolet paleness. (yeah, they probably do that already.) There's a snowflakes chance in hell that I will use this... So.. Anyone want it? If you are willing to review it and have your review published here, let me know in the comments and it's yours.

So.. The verdict? There's lots of stuff here, generous amounts and several new brands to try. Looks good! I will review them and post the reviews here as usual!

If you want me to start with something in particular let me know :)

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