Friday, November 25, 2011

My celebrity lookalike?

So over at "Chasing Elixr" us beauty blogger types have been challenged to find our "Celebrity Lookalikes".

I'm a fat girl with crazy red hair.. there are no celebrities that look like me... none. And that is totally okay, because aspiring to look like someone else just because they're famous really isn't my style. I get inspired by famous people and what they wear, but I like to think that's really different to "trying to look like" them.

Unsurprisingly I had to plug in about 5 different photos before I got one with any matches at all, and when it finally came up with some.. this is what I got:

According to this program I look like a Scientologist (eww!), a vampire, a vampire hunter, another vampire, (maybe they ARE on to something!!)  someone who writes about wizards, the "boring one" from Sex & the City (I mean, c'mon, I am so much more like Samantha.. okay, maybe not in looks.. ) and some other people.. who is Lambert Wilson, anyway? He looks like a handsome fellow. OH!! Google tells me he is The Merovingian in The Matrix .. I didn't recognise him from this photo.  Niiiiice!

If you want to see yours, you can check them out here.  Hope you do better than I did! :D

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