Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Face of Australia mini mousse cream eyeshadow

So it's five o'clock on a Friday and the phone rings.. you've got a date! Of course you need to freshen up your makeup to something fun for nighttime.. but you've only got $4 in your pocket. (Here's hoping your date pays for dinner!)

Here's a cute little product that would totally save the day! At only $2 a tube, the Face of Australia mini mousse cream eye shadows pack a lot of shimmery punch in a little tube.

I couldn't resist the price of these when I spotted them at priceline, so I chose a bronze colour and a light gold - both have a lot of shimmer.

They go on like a breeze and the creams blend together effortlessly.

If you want serious staying power you will want a good primer under these, but if you just need it for a couple of hours they're fine just as they are.

A very nice quality product for the price and definitely worth the tiny amount of space they'd take in your handbag.

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