Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: GlossyBox November

My much-anticipated GlossyBox arrived today!

The packaging is black and mushroom.. verrry nice, tied up with a ribbon, everything nestled in shredded crimped black tissue.. almost a shame to unwrap it all but I did!

Here's what's in the box:

Also in the box is a 15% off voucher for more jurlique stuff.. and a voucher for a free Mirrenesse Superlong gel mineral face colour (if you go to their facebook page).

So yes, some good stuff here, and it's obvious the contents are worth way more than the $14.95 cost of the box.. I think I like this box the best out of all the ones I've gotten thus far! 

Of course I will review these, and let you know what's good and what's not! :)


  1. That looks like a really great sample box! I just won a sub to them so am extra excited now that I've seen what you got in this one!

  2. I think it is my favourite so far.. they have been fun to get, and I'm trying all sorts of things I wouldn't have otherwise :)

  3. This is my favourite too. My lip gloss is nude and just lovely. My 16 year old daughter is just getting into makeup and she is loving the boxes. I noticed her yesterday with cute orange nails! Thanks for the tip about the voucher - I would have missed it. :)