Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Gosh Cosmetics Extreme Art Eyeliner

I have been experimenting with bright colours lately, and I picked up a very vibrant green and a very vibrant blue eyeliner. They are both by Danish company Gosh Cosmetics - they call it "Extreme Art Eyeliner" and it's easy to see how you could use this for some really out-there looks!

The range comes in 12 colours from the subtle to the wild..  I have had a heap of fun playing around with these!

According to the manufacturer you can also use them for nail art, if you put a clear gloss over the top. The brush is certainly very fine and by adjusting the pressure you could get a variety of thicknesses from it.

These are very vibrant, very long lasting, totally opaque colours. I can see them being useful for all sorts of art effects and special effects makeups.

They will not come off with just water - you need a waterproof makeup remover or other cleanser to get this stuff off.. it will not budge until you want it to.

I was really impressed with this stuff. If you are looking for vibrant, opaque colours then I can really recommend these.  I'm just sorry they don't have a bright red! :)

What colour would you choose?

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