Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: LimeLily cream blush in Naked

This was one of the goodies from the "Lust Have it" October Box - a full size sample of LimeLily cream blush, in the color "Naked".

LimeLily is an Australian makeup company I wasn't familiar with before this.. one of the great things about these sample boxes is discovering new brands I think!

They sell their makeup in modular pans, and then sell a variety of compacts for the pans to go into. There would be a good opportunity to create your perfect travelling palette this way! 

The colour in the pan is quite dark. I haven't been a blush wearer much in the past but I think I could be won over by the right colour.. this one looked a bit scary before I tried it. On the skin though it is a lovely pale blush, that you could easily build up to be as dramatic as you wished.

The other good thing about this product is that you could just as easily use it as a lip tint or eye colour, you really could do a whole "face" with just this one pan and get a fresh, dewy look from it. 

This is not a product I would have tried off my own bat, so it's great that I have discovered it through the sample box. I can see myself using it quite regularly - even wanting to replace it when it runs out!

It looks as though LimeLily have an online store on their website so if you were keen to look at the rest of the range there, you could do that!

I used this as part of my "1920s flapper look" and it certainly added the touch of rouge I was looking for. 

Do you use cream blush? Or blush at all? 


  1. I'm loving cream blush at the moment, it's so easy to use when I'm in a hurry and if I'm messy with my application it's easy to hide.

  2. Yes, I must admit I am beginning to be a convert to blush in general, and cream blush in particular! :)