Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Nude by Nature Mineral Lipliner

In my Lust Have it box was a solitary full-size makeup sample - a natural mineral lipliner from "Nude by Nature".

Now when I do reviews, if I am unfamiliar with the brand, I go to their website and have a look. Nude by Nature have a website, they even have an online shopping cart - but there is no mention of this lipliner at all. You can't buy it or get any information about it. They do claim to be "Australia's No 1 Mineral Makeup Brand", but this particular product appears to be entirely absent from their catalogue. I don't know if this means we were given a discontinued product in the sample boxes or what the story is.. all a bit strange really!

The only pictures of it on the web are, as far as I can tell, from other people who also got the sample box. 

I was interested in getting more information about it because this product is a bit of a mystery to me. 

Soft Brush one end.. 
Hard pencil the other end... 
It's a long pencil, with a very VERY hard lipliner at one end.. and a soft brush on the other end. This is.. somewhat confusing. The brush has no visible effect on the liner at all and I can't imagine what it would do in that regard.. so I'm wondering if it's meant to be for the lipstick you put on over the top?  It's all a bit of a mystery... if you have any ideas or theories I'd love to hear them.

So when I tried this on my lips I was really struck by how freaking hard the pencil is. I had to apply a lot of pressure to get any colour on my lips at all. I feel like I gave myself a dermabrasion treatment applying this!

And the results are very subtle indeed: 

Three pictures here, left to right, one with nothing on my lips, one using the pencil to line my lips, and one with my lips filled in with the liner:

I am really glad I got this sample, because if I had bought it at full price I wouldn't be very happy, I don't think. I prefer softer pencils that are gentle on my lips, and the "barely there" natural look isn't really my cup of tea either.

All in all I don't think I'll be picking up any more of of these, and this product makes me a but dubious about the rest of the line.. though I will of course always keep an open mind.

So... the mystery of the brush. I want to hear your theory! Is a hard lip liner a "thing" - are the people out there who have a preference for a really hard makeup pencil?  Hit me up in the comments... 

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