Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: Om She Aromatherapy Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Matsya

 So here's a little cutie I picked up the other day.. a baked mineral eyeshadow trio from "Om She Aromatherapy".

The trip has a metallic red, a white/silver and a dark grey/gunmetal colour in it.

The colours are highly pigmented, they go together really well.. I used it to put together a fun combination that I wore out on the weekend.

You can see from the pictures where I put the colours, it would be very easy to add less red and more grey if you wanted a more subtle look.

Subtle has never really been my thing though, so I went all out with the colour. It looked really fun and I got lots of compliments!

The way this turned out it reminded me a bit of the "USO Women" who used to go and entertain the troops during the war - they often had a "patriotic" theme to their costumes and makeup, which meant a lot of red, white and blue!

They had some of them in the latest "Captain America  movie, and I managed to find a picture of them below.

How brave are you with colour? Do you love experimenting with wild hues or are you more of a neutrals person? Let me know in the comments..


  1. I try to use bright colours and it comes off easily, or settles into the creases on my eyelids. For Christmas I've asked for a bunch of coloured eyeliners and stuff from MAC.

    You're inspiring me :)

  2. Excellent choice of Xmas present!!!

    If you have trouble with keeping eyeshadow bright and staying put on your lids, you might want to look into buying a primer.. there's a number of them specifically for eyelids.

    Failing that you might find a layer of liquid foundation on your eyelids before putting shadow on helps with staying power..