Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: OPI Rainbow Connection Nail Polish

Like many people, I used to LOVE watching the Muppet show as a kid.. I must admit I had some serious trepidation when I heard they were making another Muppet movie.. remakes being what they are there was the chance that things would go very, very wrong.

If the trailers are any indication though, it looks like it's going to be kind of awesome!

And unlike the boring merchandising of other recent films, they are doing some really awesome things with some quality brands - there's rumour abounding of a Miss Piggy themed MAC range, and OPI have come to the party with a range of Muppet inspired polishes.

Many of them have glitter, which is bound to get my attention!

I chose to buy Rainbow Connection, which has a spectacular amount of glitter in it.

The polish is quite thick, but it dried quickly, way quicker than I was expecting for the amount I put on to get good glitter coverage.

I did just one thick coat in the picture you can see above, I am sure you could build it up with multiple coats to good effect.

I also think this would look awesome layered over another colour, which is how I am going to try it next.

One thing I did notice with this was that it came off in big chunks.. not the little chips of normal polish but half-a-nails worth at once. This may well have been because I put it on too thickly, but I was actually pretty pleased - I wasn't looking forward to having to scrub my nails to get it off, which is normally what happens with glitter polishes.

How could a nail polish inspired by such a lovely song be anything but muppetacular?! Here's a cool version of Kermit and Deborah Harry doing a duet. Trashtastic! :)


  1. Ive seen those nails polishes online and I got interested, so thank you for this review :) It looks really nice! I was thinking about Divine Swine or Wocka Wocka for myself.

  2. Hi Vivian, they really are gorgeous! There's some mini packs floating around too, I know one of them has Wocka Wocka and Excuse Moi in it, which was tempting to me :)