Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review: Taut Collagen Drink

Regular readers will know I have been working my way through my sample boxes. I am aware that I am about to get another batch of them (hooray!) so I am trying to review the bits and pieces I haven't quite got to.

In the Lust Have it October box, I've reviewed everything.. but this.. The Taut Collagen Drink.

It contains shark cartilage, people. AND the bottle looks like a medicine bottle. It's a little bit scary, to be honest.. and so, I have been putting it off.

But I did promise, so it was time to bite the bullet and try this thing. 

I took off the lid and nervously sniffed. Hmm. Orange.. fake orange. A bit metallic. Despite my imagination working overtime I couldn't detect a fishy smell at all.

As I lifted it to my lips, I swear I could hear the theme from "Jaws" playing. Duuun-aaah.. Duuun-aaah.. dun dun dun dun... 

I bravely took a swig. And..

Okay, a shark didn't leap out of the bottle and attack me. The taste though... 

Hmm. not that bad. Not bad at all, actually. Tastes like vitamin C tablets, a bit like berrocca, or a strong-tasting orange softdrink. 

Even though the therapeutic claims have been challenged by the medical fraternity, I can at least say it doesn't taste anywhere near as scary as it looks.

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