Sunday, November 13, 2011

Swatched: Tom Ford Beauty Lip Colour Collection Lipstick

So Tom Ford may have said some rather troubling things about us fat people, but there's no disputing that he does some spectacular menswear. Apparently that's not enough for this particularly opinionated gentleman..   He's also started doing makeup as well! He apparently doesn't want "fat people" in his stores, I don't know if this applies to his makeup as well.. so I am just going to assume that he's had a change of heart and swatch away to my heart's content, all right? 

The ads for this look like they have come from a menswear line, that's for sure.. What exactly is going on here?

"No, Trevor, this is my lipstick, not yours, and it might smell good, but if you eat it, you'll be sick. Now if you don't stop rubbing your stubble on me,  I swear I am just going to eat this lipstick myself, and then we won't be able to go to the party!!"

...or something. 

I cant help but think how awkward this would have been to shoot for the models.. of course I'm making this assumption this wasn't just cunningly 'shopped together, and maybe these two models have never even met! :)

In any case, the lipsticks come in a variety of the usual colours from the neutral to the bright, and contain Soja seed extract, brazilian murumuru butter (the what now?) and Chamomilla flower oil. 

Naturally I was really only interested in the RED ONES, so I swatched the three reds..

From left to right, this is "Scarlet Rouge", "Crimson Noir" and "Cherry Lush".

To my eye "Scarlet Rouge" is the only non-pink red among these three.. so that's the one I would be going for out of the collection if you're looking for a good red.

At $50 a pop though, I don't think this is a splurge I will be able to do anytime soon!

Have any of you tried these out? What did you think?

Do you get disinclined to buy things from a particular "personality" when they say things you don't agree with? Or do you just ignore that and buy things you like regardless of the opinions of their spokespeople? 

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