Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Makeup Looks: Sunset Eyes

One of my favourite beauty blogs is "Fables in Fashion".. and my favourite day on that blog is every Friday, where the very talented Celina opens up her "Book of Fables" and gives us a really cool makeup look in a fantasy theme..

Recently she did a sunset eyes look that has really stayed with me.. today was a gorgeous spring day and I was off to a picnic, so I decided to do my own version of the look - much simpler than Celina's gorgeous concoction, but suitable for the event I was headed to. Here's what I came up with:

I used a metallic gold on my inside eye and along the bottom lashline, a peach orange on my outer eye and a light shimmery lemon shade under my brow.

As far as I am concerned it's sunset season at the moment.. I am lucky enough to live by the bay and thanks to the wonder of daylight savings I can often make it down to the water after work just in time to see the sun go down.. it is a great way to unwind and chill out after a stressful day..

This is a great look for thanksgiving, what with all the pumpkin colours used.. Thanksgiving is not really a thing here in Australia but my partner is half-American so we always have a feast! Any excuse to eat turkey and pumpkin pie is okay-by-me! :)

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