Monday, November 21, 2011

Wild Makeup Looks: Devil Woman

Here's a wild look I did not too long ago, it was a party in the theme of "Devils and Angels".. you can see which one I chose to be!

The look is pretty self explanatory. Lots of red, lots of glitter and lots of over the top makeup! I added my dred falls, horns AND a crown just to complete the outfit. The red glitter spread everywhere, which made me all sparkly.

For my eyes I covered the lid in bright red eyeshadow, and painted out a really dramatic cats eye. I extended the makeup forward toward my nose for an exaggerated eye shape as well. You can see I put some silver micro glitter on the inner corner to brighten my eyes up. I used liquid eyeliner to do the black, and sliver microglitter eyeshadow for under my brows.

It was a fun look to wear!


  1. definitely a wild look! so creative. beautiful.