Friday, November 18, 2011

Wild Makeup Looks: Medusa for Bacchanalia

 So on the precipitous date of 11/11/11, under the full moon, I did a DJ gig for a private party in the theme of "Bacchanalia ". Bacchus was the Ancient Roman God of wine, lust and excess, so a party in his honour (a Bacchanalia) is meant to be a wild debaucherous affair indeed!

The costume theme was ancient greco/roman fantasy. I decided to do a very dark and sultry Medusa. I managed to find red glitter skeleton leaves (hooray for Xmas decorations) and made a wreath for my hair. I added some bright red extensions and pinned it up for lots and lots of curls and volume. I then strung "red belly black" rubber snakes through the wreath so they were draped over my hair, with tendrils of snakes coming down around my face.

For the makeup, I knew I'd spend most of the night in very dim light, with only moonlight and the screen of my laptop illuminating me,  so I really went over the top with the contouring and contrast I used. 

I started with a very pale Illamasqua base, and then did some really extreme shadowing with a dark pink mac eyeshadow called "Full Flame" (I picked this up from the lovely Yolanda's blog sale)

Then on my eyes I used the blacks from my Two Faced Smoky Eye Palette, along with the red Illamasqua pigment (called Berber) I recently picked up.

I applied a generous amount of Illamasqua's amazing illuminator in "Odyssey" (how suitable!)  under my brow and high on my cheekbones. This product is seriously amazing. The Illamasqua makeup artists call it "liquid light" (or, more amusingly, "fairy sweat/spit") and it just adds light wherever you put it. Fantastic for highlighting. 

On my lips are two Illamasqua lipsticks, pristine (black) and a touch of "Box" (red) in the middle of my lower lip. I highlighted this with some of the red glitter pigment as well. 
For the rest of my costume I wore a red dress from City Chic that had a suitably grecro-roman line of drapery to it, and I overlaid a piece of black/red chiffon over the top with a vintage "omega" belt. 

You can't see them but I had gladiator sandals on my feet.

My Djing efforts were well received and I had lots of comments on my outfit and makeup. It was a really fun night.

I do love a costume party!! How about you? do the words "fancy dress" fill you with dread or are you keen for any excuse to dress a little crazy? 

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