Friday, December 9, 2011

Giftmas Gift Guide: Mor Cosmetics

If you have a beauty lover on your Xmas list, or someone who deserves to be pampered, you might want to consider one of the gorgeous gift packs from MOR.

What's my pick of the bunch?

Apparently Mor cosmetics got started up in 2001 when the founders Dianna and Deon were on holiday in New Delhi when they saw a street sign reading "Mor" - Hindi for Peacock. That's how their company got it's name!

It makes sense, peacocks are gorgeous and opulent and not afraid to put on a spectacular show, you also wouldn't be surprised to find them in a vanity cabinet! :)

True to their name Mor's products are all about luscious scents and truly divine packaging. I am always a little bit amazed at the price of their things, because they always look a lot more expensive than they really are. 

My favourite of their gift packs this year is called "Roman Holiday". Unsurprisingly it's presented beautifully and it has some of Mor's most popular products in it - 

  • 100ml Italian Blood Orange Hand Cream.
  • 200g Italian Blood Orange Triple-Milled Soap Bar.
  • 10g Cassis Noir Lip Macaron Lip Balm.

And if that wasn't enough it comes in a very lovely cosmetics bag.

I'm presuming this has been named after the Audrey Hepburn film of the same name, and I can certainly see that classy lady slipping this into her travelling case! 

Mor have a Christmas Promotion happening on their facebook page at the moment, well worth checking out if you want some free goodies! 

How influenced are you by a products packaging? Is it all about the contents, or do appearances count when it comes to beauty products? 

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