Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Giftmas Gift Guide: NARS Kabuki Brush Set & Hanmichi Eye Shadow Palette

Here's something lush I had to share. If you want to splurge out and get something gorgeous, that also has a thin veneer of practicality to it, then have a look at this..

It's the NARS Kabuki brush set. 

In their words:

"NARS interprets the artistry of kabuki theater makeup with a luxury, limited edition brush set for the modern woman. The collection features a diverse, multi-use range of sleek, black-matte brushes with precision-cut, dense natural hair bristles for rich and seamless color application. Brushes are housed in a sleek keepsake wooden ‘bento’ box with a dramatic red lacquer interior."

Apparently the brushes are made from goat hair. The packaging is just exquisite, and you can imagine (oh, can I imagine!) that using these every day would add a little luxury and glamour to your morning routine for sure. 

At $225 it's not cheap but you would get a lot of use from these. It's a very practical gift, really. The fact that it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous is just a bonus, right?  

Also in the range is a very lovely eye palette, with some interesting colours presented beautifully as water lilies. It includes a gorgeous brush as well. 

These aren't budget options but they would impress a special lady, especially a beauty loving one!

NARS products are raved about by those in the know, so I would expect these to be of a similar high quality.

Alas and Alack I don't think these will be finding their way into my Giftmas Stocking any time soon but they were just too gorgeous not to share!

You can get NARS products at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia. 

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