Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Face of Australia Opulent Eyes Palette

 Anyone who follows me on Instagram would have already got a glimpse of this makeup I did.. I promised I would blog it and tell you what I used, so here it is:

There's a lemon colour under my brow, blending down through a darker yellow and a bronze-orange, down to a deep bronze on my lid.

Every one of these colours is from one very cool  little package, the Face of Australia (FOA) Opulent Eyes palette. This set of gold colours is called "Rich and Famous".

These eyeshadows are really something else. they pack a LOT of punch, very pigmented and the texture is really nice. They go on like a dream and stay on all day.

I am super impressed with these. At about $14 a shot these are great value, I think! They come in some really cool combos (there's a rainbow looking one that I think I will have to snag next!)

For the amount of space it takes up, you could get a lot of different looks out of this, and with 6 complementary tones it's easy to mix and match them.

I have had a lot of fun playing with this, and now that I have found it I can see it being a regularly grabbed-for item.

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