Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge Lipstick

Not so long ago, I swatched some Tom Ford lipsticks. A very savvy and lovely PR person surprised me by sending me the shade I favoured in the mail!

It's Tom Ford's Scarlet Rouge.

It was a delightful surprise indeed, and a new red lipstick is just thing thing when the Silly Season is afoot!

Before I tell you about the product itself I must mention the packaging. Gold and black with red lipstick is always going to be a winner for me, this thing is Luxe. It's heavy in the hand and the enamel-looking finish is something you would whip out of your handbag with pride. It's very gorgeous indeed.

The lippy has Tom's initials carved into the top as well. Always a nice touch, I think!

The colour.. it's gorgeous! It's a darker brick-red colour, it's got a hint of bronze in it. Really quite spectacular.  It's not a brash, bright, scarlet-red.. it's a bit more subtle and sultry than that. It's still a va-va-voom red but has a darker tone. This would look incredible if you had dark brown or black hair.

I'm quite taken with it, can you tell?

Now when I put this on, it felt so creamy and moisturising on that I thought it wouldn't have any staying power at all.. but it's surprised me, lasting through meals and evening outings with aplomb.

This is going to be a "wear it till it wears out" shade for me.

Now, I searched the package very diligently, and try as I might, I couldn't find Tom Ford himself lurking in one of the corners.

Oh well. Maybe next year? A girl can hope.

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