Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Virtu: Plus Size Fashion Sale

Plus size store Virtu ( are having a sale through to the 23rd December, up to 75% off some items. I can't resist a bargain, but unfortunately I'm not made of money, so instead of stressing my credit cards I thought I would do a bit of virtual shopping. Here's my pics from the sale stock!

Sale picks from twist on the trench as a casual jacket is fun.. and then there's a tshirt that's hard to resist for beauty lovers. Military stying, and a striped casual jacket that would add a bit of interest to any outfit.

The colonial pants.. love the detailing on these! And the slim-cut cargoes are nice too.

The bags and jewellery are super cheap - I don't normally wear silver but I couldn't resist this "bollywood" bracelet.

So - what do you think? Like my picks?

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  1. those women are so fabulous. I'd love to shop for fabulous plus size clothing Australian based stores.