Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Scintillating Scents Review: Aesop Mystra

I was lucky enough to wander into Aesop the other day and made a lovely new discovery.. a perfume called Mystra.

I was lucky enough to visit Mystra a few years ago, it's near modern day Sparta in Greece and I have to say it's truly a magical place. Over the years it's been home to Crusader Knights and Byzantine Warriors, been the scene of battles and all sorts of intrugue. Nowadays it's full of monks and intrepid tourists, all those willing to climb up the mountain to have a look.

When I saw a perfume called Mystra, I already had an idea in my head of what I thought it should smell like - something with a sense of history, something spicy and beautiful, something reminiscent of vineyards, olives and incense wafting in the air..

I am happy to report it does not disappoint.. Mystra the perfume is all of this and more.

With topnotes of mastic, frankincense and labdanum, and base notes of cedar, it's a deliciously spicy and woody scent. There's no florals here, but they're not missed!

This gorgeous scent is most definitely on my wish list.

While we're on the subject of Aesop, I must also mention how much I liked their Christmas Packs this year.

They were themed "Daring Cases in Favour of Science" and each one was named after a major scientific discovery.

The products themselves are always top notch and the themeing makes my geeky heart sing.

I have always found the staff in Aesop stores to be very friendly and helpful, so don't be put off by the austere surroundings, go in and have a look - you won't be disappointed!

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