Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scintillating Scents: Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome

This was the perfume sample in the November Lust Have it box. The beguiling and violet Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose.

The ads for this feature none other than Emma Watson, looking far more modern, grown up and chic than Hermione Granger ever did..

Like all high-end perfumes there's a bewildering and mood-setting advertisment:

Emma is so disctracted by the gorgeous boy in the beautiful second hand bookshop that she forgets her cute and quirky hat! He carries it around because he's so beguiled by their chance meeting that he can't forget her. While he's sipping a macchiato in an effortlessly cool Parisian Cafe, who should happen to waft by but Emma! 

Of course he remembers her because of her signature scent, and he dashes out and runs through the streets to find her!! Of course there is a happy ending, boy finds girl, girl gets hat back, no-ones perfect make-up gets smudged.

That's all good and well.... but what does it SMELL like?

According to the people who made it:

Lancôme tells a new love story with Trésor Midnight Rose, filled with lightness, magic and also sensuality..Trésor Midnight Rose is a sexy, sweet and playful fragrance. It embodies mischievous femininity: the rose becomes playful, driven by deliciously tangy raspberry tones, wooden shimmers and voluptuous vanilla notes. Spontaneous, and irresistible, this scent charms everything in its path.
Top Notes: The caress of jasmine and peony meet fresh blackcurrant bud absolute and intense pink pepper.
Heart Notes: From the very first moment, it’s love at first sight between deep, intense rose absolute and vibrant, bold raspberry.
Base Notes: For the final touch of seduction, the drydown – Virginia cedar essence, vanilla and musk – warms up the floral notes in an addictive and modern scent.

It does smell fruity and floral to me. Not spicy enough for my tastes but my teenage daughter loves it!

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