Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild Makeup Looks: Poison Ivy

The other night I went to a party where the theme was Superheroes. I prefer supervillans, or I should say, supervillanesses! I thought it might be fun to dress up like poison ivy. Here I am all green!

So how did I do it? 

To do the green skin I used a layer of L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer, and another anti-redness cream I have, I applied it liberally everywhere my skin showed and didn't blend it in the way I normally would. I then used my cheap-but-bright rainbow eyeshadow palette and used a dark green for contouring and a bright lime green for highlights. 

Then I used the dark green from my Two Faced smoky eye palette on my eyelids, and topped it with some green glitter. On my lips I outlined with the green Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner  and filled in with shadow over gloss, adding more glitter. I also used the Gosh Eyeliner to do the ivy art on my cheek. 

The finishing touch was a dramatic pair of feather false eye lashes I picked up from Hairhouse Wearhouse.

The costume I made myself, because,strangely enough, lime green spandex dresses aren't readily available in plus sizes (I can't imagine why!). I added a cape and skirt made from this holographic-thread-encrusted orgazna to which I sewed ivy leaves. I also wrapped ivy around my waist and wrists. 

For my hair, I added some bright red extensions that match my hair colour for extra volume and length, and then I just sprayed it with hardcore hairspray and fluffed it up. I pinned some ivy leaves into it as well. 

And there you have it! I kept waiting for Batman to show up so we could have an epic battle, but he never appeared. No doubt he was too terrified of me to show his face! :)


  1. This is a fab look! Green always goes well with red hair!

  2. Thanks Ling!.. I normally save green for St Patrick's Day and stick to red and black, but it was fun to go kermit for a night :)