Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xmas Water Marbling Manicure Tutorial

Here's something we've been having fun playing with - Water Marble Nailpolish Experiments!

The concept is simple, but getting the technique right is a bit tricky. There's plenty who have mastered it and the results can be spectacular, so we've been having some fun giving it a go:

My nails are still covered in shellac, so these dainty fingers belong to my 14 year old daughter, Melodie.

Our very first attempt is for a Christmas Themed green and red marble look:

We used:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in colour 430 - Grass Slipper
  • Bloom Nail Polish in "Sofia"

So how is it done?
First you lay a base coat down (white or a light colour is best) and then once that's dry, mask off your fingers with sticky tape.

Then get a cup of water, and then you drop nail polish in it. The nail polish spreads and you can use an orange stick (or a toothpick) to make designs in it (just like when you're making a fancy coffee!).. 

Then before it dries, you swoop your nails through the water, and pick up some of the polish. Then you use the toothpick to clean off the surface of the water, bring your nails out and there you have it.. 

Of course in practice, it's easier said than done.  Some polishes work a lot better than others, and you have to move really fast to get it on your nails before it dries on top of the water. There's also a lot of mishaps that can happen with "swooping" your fingers through the water. 

There a LOT of YouTube tutorials for this, so have a look at those, there are some people doing some AMAZING things with this technique. 

Our results as you can see are amateur at best but we did have a lot of fun.. and practice makes perfect, right? 

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