Friday, January 27, 2012

Domino Dollhouse Lingerie

Domino Dollhouse released a new lingerie collection this week, and OOh LA LAAA!

It makes me SO HAPPY to see these beautiful clothes modelled by women who actually look plus-sized. They have hips and bellies and they look totally amazing. I get really happy - and then I get a bit angry that this isn't a perfectly ordinary occurrence.

Until it IS a perfectly ordinary occurrence, I think we should all support the heck out of stores that are prepared to do it right.

These pieces are all gorgeous, I especially love the girdles with the stocking straps. There's links through to the individual pieces below.

Comment and tell me which one is your favourite!

Domino Dollhouse Lingere


  1. Oh my; actual plus size girdles! I think I must go shopping...

    1. Closer to home, City Chic have a special going on their plus size lingerie line at the moment (I think it's buy the bra and get matching briefs free or some such), AND the dita range (which will go up to a 20) is about to hit target as well...

      Torrid has also released some new stuff that looks cool as well.

      It's a good season for plus size lingere! :D