Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Trend - Dorothy Inspired Red Glitter Shoes

Here's a trend in all the stores at the moment.. red glitter shoes inspired by Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Utterly Terrifying Scarecrow. 
True story - this movie terrified me as a child. It wasn't the evil witch or the flying monkeys. It wasn't the idea of my home being swept up in a hurricane. No, it was the scarecrow. I am not sure why I found him so scary, but I think the scene where he gets pulled apart, and his straw guts are lying everywhere BUT HE IS STILL TALKING was what really flipped my lid.

I've overcome my fear of the scarecrow, but I have never lost my love for Doroty's red shiny shoes. I wanted those shoes so much - I found it easy to understand why the Witch was so very angry when Dorothy stole them and why she'd go to such lengths to get them back.

I nearly gave myself whiplash when I first spotted these in shoe store windows. So shiny! So red! So much glitter! What's not to love?

The practical side of me knows that these wouldn't last long on my feet. I am harsh on shoes and I am sure I would scuff off the glitter in no time at all...  on the other hand.. so shiny! so red!

Here's some picks from the many many variations on this theme that seem to be in the stores. There's something for everyone - sandals, flats, wedges, stilettos, pumps..

Fashion Trend - Dorothy Inspired Shoes
Love, love, LOVE this trend.

Arche red wedge heels
$275 -

170 AUD -

ASOS leather high heels
$55 -

Nine West shiny shoes
$71 -

Red shoes
$25 -

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