Thursday, January 26, 2012

Makeup Tutorial: Green and Gold look for Australia Day

Hi everyone... and happy Australia Day!

I have to admit - I'd be a lot happier if we chose to celebrate Australia Day on some other day. I think we have a lot to celebrate about our country, but choosing to have our day of celebration coincide with the day some of our ancestors invaded the lands of some of our other ancestors to begin years of genocide and a legacy of racism and inequality that persists to this day would not seem to me, to be the most auspicious day to choose.

Some other day - ANY other day would be a little bit less insulting to those we've wronged.

We're all immigrants or children of immigrants - some of us came here 50 years ago, and some of us came here 100 years ago and some of us came here 40,000 years ago. There's things about our past and our present that we can feel rightfully proud about, and things that we ought to feel shameful about. I don't think one takes away from the other.

Having people use Australia Day as an excuse to spout hateful, racist things really perverts and diminishes us all, I think. I won't stand by and let people do it - and neither should you. If you hear any rubbish about some Australians being less Australian than others because of where they've come from, perhaps remind the idiot speaking about our national anthem... "For those who come across the sea, we've boundless plains to share..."

Of course, while you're celebrating what's great about Australia (and being a positive influence to change what's not so great) you want to look good, right?


So, here's a funky green and gold look you might want to try out.  I you-tubed it up for you:

I used some fun new colours I got from cool indie cosmetic brand VictorianDisco, they're on etsy.

The colours I used are from their "Sailor Scout" collection. I am going to do a full review of the range very soon.. stay posted!

For this look: Sailor Uranus - a shimmery buttercup yellow, Sailor Moon - a light gold, Sailor Jupiter - a light lime green, and Sailor Pluto, a shimmery jade green.

Have an awesome Australia Day..

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