Monday, January 16, 2012

OOTD 16 Jan - and a little note.

Another day, another OOTD..

But first, a little note. Since I started posting these head-to-toe shots (something new for the new year) I have gotten some messages saying horrible things. Like many fat-shaming messages they are often thinly disguised as messages from people who are "concerned for my health". Mostly it seems what they're actually concerned about is that I am not showing an appropriate amount of shame for the way I look.

So for those so deeply concerned - I'm in good health, thank you. Not that it is any of your damn business. In fact, even if I was in very poor health indeed - even if I was dying - I am not sure how that would have any baring on whether or not I should post pictures of myself on the Internet.

Take your concern-trolling elsewhere, please, it will not see the light of day here.

For the rest of my lovely readers - I will keep on posting these full-body shots.

This is what I look like. This is how I choose to dress myself.  I'm fat. There are parts of my body I love, and parts of my body I struggle to love. I have many imperfections, just like every other body on the planet. Sometimes I squint in the sun and make my face all wrinkly. Sometimes my partner says something hilarious while he's taking a photo of me, and I laugh, and I make what can only be described as "huurrp derp" faces. Sometimes I slouch.  The brands I post are often repetitive because I don't have a lot of choices, or a lot of money to spend on clothes.

I make no apologies for any of these things (and neither should you!)

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, eh:

Suit (Jacket & Skirt): City Chic
Belt: City Chic
Blouse: Millers
Shoes: Target


  1. I've personally loved the outfit posts! I know make-up is your first love but to see the whole look is fun especially the long red hair.

    Good response to dealing with the trolls too. I can't believe the effort people waste being mean. I've been watching the Golden Globe frocks where every one looks sparkly and lovely and people even dig deep into their meanness reservoir there too.

  2. Thanks, Siggy.. I think I love fashion just as much makeup, it's just been harder to organise taking pictures of it..

    I think you've hit the nail right on the head - even those women who are meant to be our "ideal" - models, movie stars etc, are sometimes the most viciously criticised. It seems clear there is no escape, for any woman.. I think it's pretty horrible all around really! Surely our time and energy would be better spent trying to make each other feel good about how we look, rather than the other way around? :)

  3. Keep on doing the head to toe shots. Regardless of the size or shape of you, you dress with a purpose and style and for that you should be applauded. Boo hiss to the trolls who are probably sitting at their computers in their tracky dacks, unwashed and probably jealous of gorgeous you!

  4. Thank you Margaret! I find it really useful to see what clothes look like on a body that's like mine, instead of a very tall very thin model woman, so I hope that by adding my pictured to the visual record I am doing some good out there.. :)

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  6. Love that jacket!

    Also, thank you for the full height shots; it's so rare to see entire outfits on people with different bodies & your style rocks. Even the 'plus size' clothing companies usually have barely above the normal model size modelling their clothes, which makes it impossible to guess how they really might look on me. THANK YOU.

    1. Aww, shucks, thank you. I feel the same frustration. When I look at a model (even a plus sized one) I think, "great! I know how this garment looks with professional lighting and styling on someone who's genetically blessed!".. but that doesn't often give me much useful information on what it might look like on me. :)