Friday, January 20, 2012

OOTD 20 Jan: Asos, Urban Decay, Target

A workday outfit. With temperatures forecasted to soar into the high thirties (thats close to 100 degrees for you Fahrenheit types), I kept things simple - got my hair up off my neck and threw on a dress.. it just doesn't get any easier than that.

I picked this dress up in the recent Asos sale, and like the jacket I bought I'm really happy with it. The sizing is spot on and the quality seems high.  Even at sale prices this wasn't a cheapie, but I can see myself getting many happy years of wear out of it.

It is made of a quite thick synthetic fabric, which is not the best choice for a hot day, but on the upside, it really cuts down on the creasing. Because I was lucky enough to be able to hide in air-conditioning most of the day it was fine.

I can see this being a staple of my spring/autumn wardrobe.


Dress: Asos
Bracelets: City Chic
Shoes: Target

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lips: Rimmel by Kate, no 10
Bareminerals Mascara, L'Oreal foundation

My hair is in a twist-and pin - looks complex, is very simple indeed. Once you master this technique you can do a complicated looking upstyle in just a couple of minutes.

Whenever I wear a lot of red like this I always get a "Lady in Red" comment.. it seems people are just wired to say something. I don't wear a lot of other colours so I am not sure if any other colour cops comments like that - maybe you can tell me. If you wear a lot of blue, or green, or orange.. do people have a "quick quip" that they say to you?

I have heard "lady in red" and "roxanne!" and similar comments so often they don't even register.

What is it about red that people just can't resist saying something about?

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