Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OOTD 28 Jan: City Chic, Colette, Deborah K

A work outfit for a casual Friday.. just pop on a dress from City Chic, add some red leggings, comfy shoes and throw on a necklace from Colette... couldn't be simpler!

It's really hard to find plus size leggings in colours that aren't black, I was delighted to get my hands on these (in a straight-sized store no less).. they were just $6, and because they are made of pure spandex they fit me just fine..

The shoes are comfy flats from Target.. they're a dark red suede, and I have already scuffed one toe of them.. soon they will be left to the "wear around the house" pile and not see the office any more.

The skirt part of this dress is in dark grey/blue denim.. this might be the only denim thing in my whole wardrobe.. certainly the closest thing to blue denim I have.

I find "business casual Friday" one of the hardest things to manage, wardrobe wise. I am normally accused of overdressing or not dressing "casual" enough.. I think that's better than looking too slobby though, wouldn't you say? I'm just not a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and the sorts of clothes I wear when I am on my own time are mostly far too eccentric for the office.

What's your "casual friday" wardrobe?

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