Monday, January 9, 2012

Out and About: Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman's Trash Masquerade

So for New Year's Eve this year, for the first time in many years, I didn't have a DJ gig, I wasn't helping to organise an event.. I could just go along to something as a punter!

I went to Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman's Trash Masquerade at Revolt Theatre.

It was a quiet, sedate, serene, austere gathering:

Not wild at all! Ahem.

It was a magnificent evening!

So, what did I wear?

Well, it was hot. REALLY hot. So I decided against the corset and instead wore a light cotton top. I went a bit wild with my hair, creating a huge updo with my dred-falls. I even perched a red peacock on top! Entertwined in my buns was some optic-fibre shoelaces that rotated through rainbow colours. They were very shiny!
I managed not to take a photo of the bottom half of my outfit somehow (bad blogger, no cookie!) but I wore my black/red bustle skirt from fanplusfriend, an old favorite! 

For my makeup, I knew I'd be sweaty and uncomfortable in a mask so I decided to paint one on. In the spirit of the "Trash" theme I tried to make it look a bit grungy and apocalyptic, so built up textural layers with different shades of red, and blacked my eyes out with sooty looking eyeshadow.. I added bronze glitter as well. 

It was a marvellous night! 

How did you spend your NYE?

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